What are the benefits of working with us?

More and more Hospitals, Distributors, Individuals choose their suppliers for the products &/or services in order to build Versatile, Sustainable within demanding deadlines, kind of relationships for enhanced supply of products.


We continuously strive to improve our products and service by importing &/or sourcing for products from manufacturers that are always in line with the latest technology.


We respond to our customers’ requirements and supply what they need. This relates to all the integrities and any other specifications our customers require. On the same we tend to be very flexible in terms of the delivery of the products that is as and when the customer needs them.


Verimed Enterprises has a wide range of experience in providing all the goods that you require in the Medical field, with specialist expertise in almost all the key sectors. We also have the key workforce in terms of Equipment Installations and so on.


Verimed Enterprises Ltd sources products from companies that manufacture or source goods that are using excellent processes with Accreditation to Formal Standards (Such as ISO, TUV SUD, TUV NORD, CE, FDA, KBS, WHO) and best practices. This in turn creates Trust, Reputation, Safety and Reassurance on what the company sells,

Social Responsibility

We have a strong commitment to CSR towards all our stakeholders, Quality of the products that we procure, and Environment. There is no shortage of talk about the obligation of companies to be socially responsible to the people and communities where they do business. Our social responsibility calls for Verimed Enterprises Ltd to be held accountable for how we impact the society at large, not only socially, but environmentally as well.

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